Monday morning the phone didn’t stop ringing. I had 4 clients register new vacancies with us and by 1130, we had managed to get interviews on all of those roles.
The first of these interviews happened on Tuesday with that candidate being offered one of the jobs on the spot. We always ask our candidates to call us after their interviews. It allows us to get their feedback whilst it is fresh in their minds, and then with this feedback, we immediately call the client. The client then told us that they would like to offer the candidate the role => Before the candidate even arrived home, he had a new job and so in the space of 27 hours, he went from being unhappy in his current role, to ecstatic in accepting a new role with better prospects and only had to work until the end of the week.

By the middle of the week, the interview diary was full for the following week and one candidate has had 4 interviews arranged for himself – This could have been 5 but we decided together that 4 was enough.

One of the team spoke to a candidate this week who was dreadfully unhappy in their role. They had been there for 9 months, and very quickly decided that although the role was everything they ever wanted, the company just wasn’t and so they were getting very depressed in the role and decided a change was what was needed. This happens a lot, and we are always talking to people who get sold a ‘Job’ but then there is a real cultural mismatch. In fairness to all, this sometimes cannot be avoided. As Consultants, we try to minimise this risk as much as possible by really getting into the heart of the organisation to understand their culture. All companies are unique and although the job title may be the same, how this job is done is very very different. Sometimes still, it just doesn’t work out for whatever reason.

There is nothing worse (well, there probably is, but hear me out) than not being happy in your job. It affects everything. Your social life, your relationships, your family, and let’s face it, nobody wants ‘That Friend’ who is always moaning about their job!! You wake up in the morning and feel down because you have to go to work, you drive to work, praying for a traffic jam, just so you don’t have to spend as much time there. You count the minutes until your lunch break and in the blink of an eye, it is over and you are back to work. You then finish for the day and drive home, probably in a bad mood because you’ve had a bad day. You eat dinner and go to bed, dreading falling asleep because your routine starts all over again. => If this is You, speak to us. We will try and change that.

Friday was spent tying up all lose ends and updating with all candidates and clients who had been on interviews and getting further feedback to progress them to the next stage of the process.

Monday will see one of the team taking a candidate to work on his first day – Something that we do quite often, where his nice new company car will be waiting for him.

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