It was a strange start to the week for us. One of the team dropped a candidate off to work on his first day where his shiny new company car was waiting for him, and then one candidate who had received an offer at the end of last week, had some personal issues over the weekend, and so decided that he was going to reject the offer he had originally accepted and said he wanted to sit on things for a couple of weeks. No problem as this does happen. But then the ‘Recruitment Rollercoaster’ continued with a candidate who went for an interview at 0900 being offered the role by 1130. He and the client were both ecstatic. The candidate has been offered a role 5 minutes from his house with a leading company, and the client were so impressed with the candidate that they offered him the role and cancelled all other interviews. The offer was immediately accepted and the candidate handed in his notice that afternoon, with a start date in 4 weeks time. On top of this, we registered 6 new permanent vacancies within Building Services alone, and so it was a fairly typical busy Monday!

More good news came on Tuesday. A candidate who went for a couple of interviews back in May was offered both positions with leading Leicester based Building Services Contractors and so he had a tough decision to make as to which on to take. He thought about it for a couple of days and then made his decision.
On Wednesday, Steve had a great client meeting with a Food Manufacturing company based in Leeds – Coming away from that meeting with 14 live vacancies. By Wednesday afternoon, he already had interviews on 3 of those roles and worked his socks off to get interviews arranged on all but 3 of them!

The end of the week finished in a similar way to last week. A candidate went for 2 interviews on Wednesday evening and had 2 offers on Friday. He was going into the weekend to ponder which role is the better opportunity for him, and one candidate had a resignation letter ready to hand in on Monday.

All in all, this week 13 interviews happened, 3 of them were offered the role after the first interview and 8 of these went to 2nd interview.

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