On Monday, we saw 2 people go for an interview. One guy came out of the interview and just plainly said that the role wasn’t for him. He didn’t get a good feeling from the people interviewing him and so decided that it would be no benefit in pursuing this further – That is fine. This happens. We try our best to match people culturally right to the business, but sometimes, we can get it wrong. The other candidate who went for an interview was with the client for 2 hours. He called me at 1900 with his feedback – needless to say, he was very interested in the role, and when we spoke to the client afterwards, his first words were; ‘That is the best candidate we have seen in a very long time’ – The candidate was ideal for the role and the company. At his stage of his career, this company are the vehicle to take him to the next level and so without hesitation, I was calling the candidate back with an offer of employment, that he duly accepted! All in all, on Building Services, 8 people have been for an interview this week and 3 of them have already been made offers (2 already accepted, one thinking about it over the weekend). Of the other 5 candidates, 3 have been invited back for a 2nd interview!!

On the Manufacturing side of the business. The phone just didn’t stop ringing. 7 jobs registered for companies across The Midlands with interviews arranged on all of them. Also.. Some very exciting news also came this week.. A food manufacturing company that we deal with has announced this week that they are going to be going through a huge recruitment drive in the next month, that will see them creating an extra 50 positions within their organisation. This is great for us and we will endeavour to fill the majority of those roles.

So, once again, all in all, a very good, hectic week and looking forward to enjoying an extra day off on Monday!

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