This week has been mental for the team. That is the only word that describes exactly how the week has been. Also, with it being a 4 days week, it has meant that we have had to squeeze an extra days work into it!!

In terms of stats, these will speak for themselves:

32 New jobs registered (Since Tuesday)
By Friday morning, all of these had interviews arranged for them.

17 Candidates went to interview
12 Offered the job immediately
3 going for 2nd interview next week
2 not right for the jobs.

Next week, we have a huge meeting. We can’t really say anything more about it at this time, but if this meeting is favourable, it will see Synergy needing to recruit at least 5 more people on a Full Time basis and also some additional part time staff to help with the workload => Everything is crossed.

Watch this space

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