What a week it has been here in the office of Synergy Personnel Services.

Having been on a shut down for 2 weeks we all came back to a load of e mails, phone calls, voicemails and job applications.

It seems that this time of your is our 2nd busiest (after the New Year) as a lot of people spend time reflecting on their job whilst relaxing on holiday and then decide to make positive changes once they return.

I have personally spoken to a lot of people this week who have felt unhappy in their role for a while, but have suddenly decided to do something about it and talk to me about how I can help.

Job flow at present is very good. In my market (Building Services) there is always a shortage of good candidates, and as a result, the team and I have been able to arrange 14 interviews this week and already had one job offer for a candidate who went for an interview on Thursday (yesterday), and 4 of those 14 interviews are 1 candidate going to 4 different companies.

Our relationships with our clients are very close. We know exactly the type of people they want and so when talking to candidates, we are able to quickly identify where they would be best suited.

Steve also had a great meeting yesterday with a temp’ recruitment agency who have asked us to do all of their permanent recruiting for them going forward. This will see significant growth for Synergy and see us grow into other regions of the country through leverage with this new venture.

All in all, it has been a great week.

The candidates who stared new roles last month are all very happy.

We have another candidate starting a role on Monday 15th and then someone else starting the following week.

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