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March 6th, 2015

In today’s international business climate, we get a lot of people applying for jobs from overseas.
As an international candidate myself (once) I thought it would be a good idea to highlight some issues and actions that are worth looking at in order to make the application process as easy as possible.
Firstly, when applying from overseas, please note where the job is. A lot of candidates just send CV after CV for jobs that they have no idea where it is based, and so cannot even begin to understand how they would make the move. We have a lot of candidates from the Far East applying for jobs, saying that they can ‘start tomorrow’. How can you really start tomorrow? I understand that the intention here is to come across as eager, and available to start, but come on, be more realistic about things.
What a recruiter wants to know is that you have done your research into the area, that you know how you will get there, that you have an idea of realistic timescales and that you have the necessary permits to allow you to work in that country. If you don’t that is no real issue, as in a lot of cases, the visa comes with the job offer, but people blindly applying with no real knowledge of how they will do the job and manage the move is not a good way to impress a recruiter and motivate them to want to try and help you.
In my experience, the overseas applicants who get the most success are those who allocate some time to go to the proposed new country. Those candidates who call us, and explain that they will be in the country on specific dates, show that they are willing to come to the country to find a new job. These candidates are the ones who find it easiest to relocate from overseas.
I know we live in a technological world of video conferencing and 24/7 business, but realistically, unless you are prepared to travel for the interview, then it is unlikely you will be successful in securing a new position.

That said, we recently placed a candidate who was living in Qatar, but wanting to relocate back to the UK. A Skype interview was arranged and then a job offer made.