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IT Site Lead Coordinator

Reference: 12895088

A skilled IT Technician with 3 years’ experience in providing technical support in a fast-paced corporate environment and a further 10 years of customer service experience. His positive attitude and eagerness to rise to any challenge has seen him gain experience in tackling all kinds of IT problems, helping him to quickly become highly competent in all areas of IT support including taking incoming calls and remotely providing external software support to customers, troubleshooting hardware and software issues on PCs, laptops and tablets, providing ad-hoc training over the phone customers, and Office 365 administration. With his skill and passion for IT, this candidate would be an excellent addition to any company’s IT department.

Lead First Line Engineer

Reference: 87233452

Having worked for 6 years in the IT industry, this highly skilled professional is hard working and always ready to take on a challenge. This candidate is also always looking to improve their skills, seeking to expand his knowledge and branch out into the cyber security field. Their proficient skills with Windows OS, Office 365, networking, and Exchange management set them apart from their piers as a truly talented individual. In addition to all this, his time leading the 1st line support team in his current position have given him skills and experience required to effectively head up a dynamic and focused team of professionals.


Infrastructure Support Specialist

Reference: 80010137

This hard working, determined candidate has over two decades experience in the IT industry, having worked in roles from Migration Engineer to Network Support Technician, and Infrastructure Support Specialist. His extensive knowledge of IT systems has seen him excel in these many positions throughout his long career. Throughout the roles he has gained experience in resolving a wide variety of software and hardware issues, providing top quality desktop and server support, domain set up and migration, and managing firewalls and other security issues just to name a few areas of this candidate’s vast expertise.

IT Service Desk Specialist

Reference: 51423856

With over a decade and a half in the IT industry, this candidate prides himself on his ability to achieve and maintain a high-quality work without fail. An experienced industry professional with experience supporting various Microsoft products (including Teams, Office 365, and Windows 7/10 OS) as well as setting up various devices such as smart devices, laptops, and printers, his ability to use this knowledge to provide effective IT solutions for a variety of 1st and 2nd line user issues has seen him quickly become an invaluable asset in previous positions.

IT Support Technician

Reference: 10246542

With experience in building and installing PCs, troubleshooting hardware and software issues, installing Cisco routers and switches, among many other skills, this long time IT professional has a vast wealth of knowledge and experience in a variety of IT based roles that set him clearly apart from many of his peers. Having risen to the challenges provided by the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, this candidate has proven instrumental in providing continued service for end users via remote support.


Major Incidents Manager

Reference: 48126891

As a Major IT Incident Manager working in the public sector, this candidate has overseen the incident management process from start to finish of over 8000 users on a sensitive high security site. During his time in his current role, this candidate not only returned the essential IT services of a nuclear licensed site and reduced major portal incidents from c.25 per year to zero in just 2 months, but also worked to ensure continuity of IT services against the threat of Cyber-attacks.


IT Support Technician

Reference: 64941074

A hard-working industry professional, during his time as an IT Support Technician this candidate has adeptly dealt with issues from troubleshooting and installing hardware and software, to configuring various devices from phones, laptops, and desktops, up to servers and network appliances. With his comprehensive knowledge of IT systems, infrastructure, and security processes (such as firewall configuration, malware identification and security policies) he has been able to rapidly acquire a great many qualifications and certifications, allowing him to further extend his knowledge across multiple sectors. Always seeking to put his skills to the test and further challenge himself, this candidate's passion for his work makes him a standout choice for any new support role.

2nd and 3rd Line Support Engineer

Reference: 00442006

Versatile, achievement-focused, and growth oriented are just some of the words that could be used to aptly describe this candidate. With a BA in Computer Science and over a decade of experience in developing and streamlining existing businesses through the improvement and implementation of IT Infrastructure Management and Digital Transformation, this candidate is a standout even among his contemporaries in the field. In his previous role alone, he has orchestrated the resolution of configuration and deployment of issues by fostering management of core IT infrastructure operations to ensure that 3rd party applications run efficiently across all platforms, provided the highest levels of customer service, whilst delivering technology solutions to customer incidents in IT service and contributed to the design, deployment, and implementation of client legacy platforms, and installed and troubleshooted Desktop PC’s with a solid understanding of Networking and Microsoft operating systems, Microsoft server architecture and Virtualisation technologies.


IT Manager

Reference: 91914869

A highly experienced IT Manager with a proven track record of success providing high-level IT system design, strategies, and implementation to consistently improve business performances. With well over two decades in the industry, he has experience in a wide array of fields, with vast knowledge of software and hardware issues and the troubleshooting required to resolve those issues, building and administrating servers, and upgrading and migrating systems and services just to name a few. Additionally, he has effectively managed budgets, liaised with clients and shareholders, and has previously written company policies and procedures.

West Midlands

IT Support Engineer

Reference: 16279928

Specialising in all areas of 1st and 2nd line IT support, this candidate’s experience in roles such as Service desk, Systems Analyst, and Deployment Support over 30 years have equipped her with the skills and knowledge to take on any IT based role. A fast learner that is quick to adapt to new and bespoke systems, this candidate has a proven track record of working to and meeting a wide assortment of challenges, from rebuilding machines and migrating systems from Windows 7 to Windows 10, to providing server maintenance and support for a large base of end users. And with further skills in database management and design as well as programming, this candidate would make an excellent addition to any IT team.

Project Support Manager

Reference: 54401949

This experienced candidate brings a rare tenacity to see tasks dealt with efficiently and effectively to any role he is placed in. A dedicated and enthusiastic professional, with extensive managerial experience who utilises excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and the ability to help and motivate people, he is able to learn and adapt to new situations quickly and is highly self-motivated with a commitment to pursue the excellence and quality in all aspects of his work. In previous positions he managed the scope and specification for projects considering the needs of the customers, stakeholders in collaboration with the Project Manager. Additionally, he supported the Project Manager to facilitate effective resource management across the project whilst working in with a team if engineers to deliver key tasks and monitoring subsequent performance. With years of experience and the skills to show for it, he now seeks to take on greater challenges and roles.

Head of IT

Reference: 00920334

With over two and a half decades of experience across multiple IT roles, this candidate is an accomplished professional whose hard work and impressive technical skill has seen him rise to multiple Head of IT roles. In his most recent Head of IT role, he took on the duties of a support provider for people with a wide range of disabilities in residential and supported living settings across England and Wales. In this role he supported over 700 users on a variety of devices (such as laptops, desktops, phones, tablets, printers, routers, and wi-fi access points) and managed a team of 7 workers under him comprising of 3 Help Desk staff, an IT Trainer, a Project Officer, an IT Business Officer, and an IT Business Architect. His organisational skills and experience in handling multi-sight operations in addition to his excellent time management skills and industry knowledge mark this candidate out as truly exceptional.

IT Support & Networking Supervisor

Reference: 52430532

With 7 years’ experience in IT and 10 in customer service, this talented, highly reliable IT professional able to work effectively as part of a team or independently. This candidate relishes challenges and is constantly seeking to improve and up himself, expanding his already extensive knowledge of IT systems at every available opportunity. He has a great deal of experience in all levels of IT support, from 1st and 2nd to 3rd line support, able to respond to and resolve software and hardware issues quickly and efficiently. Additionally, he has worked with network administration, firewall and antivirus management, and software deployment among a host of other skills.

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