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Around the world in 365 days

Hello and welcome to the Synergy Personnel Services fundraising page. 

Sadly, we all know someone who has suffered from Cancer, and even in our small company, there are 3 of us who have had immediate family members and close friends die from this terrible illness, and so we want to do something to help those suffering. 

As a company, we aim to do something for our chosen charity each year, and this year is no different. 

The Covid-19 Lockdown has hit charities hard, and we came up with the idea of travelling around the world from the comfort of our own home. 

The Earth is 24,901 miles (point to point) and as a company, we are going to cover that distance throughout the year (Running, cycling, rowing, walking) – Any form of exercise. 

We started on the 1st July 2020 and the aim will be to finish by 1st July 2021.

It may seem easy, but as a team of 8 people, it means that we have to be doing 8.5 miles of activity EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

We will be running ‘One day events’ every quarter to get our miles up and so anything you can do to help, encourage and support is will be much appreciated.

You can donate by clicking here.