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IT/Computer Science Teacher

IT/Computer Science Teacher   £35k-£39k  IT/Computer Science Teacher- Stoke on Trent    THE COMPANY;  A school that is larger than a primary school serving the Trent Vale and Oakhill area of Stoke-On-Trent. A school built with attractions a lot of outside space for children to play safely, dedicated pastoral team who lead learning mentoring so that they are getting […]

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Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant   £19k-£21k  SK725   Teaching Assistant- Smethwick  THE COMPANY;  A large school located in Smethwick part of Victoria Academies multi- academy trust based in the west midlands. A school that believes that is it important to teach children to embrace challenges and celebrate success as they are taught in a very unique way in order for it […]

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Further Education Lecturer

Further Education Lecturer  £24k-£37k    SK875  Further Education Lecturer-Leamington Spa   THE COMPANY;  A school that instils exemplary behaviour, inspires academic curiosity. Encouraging children to be thoughtful and reflective and understand their place in the world and what path they are heading towards so that the school can prepare and set themselves a high standard both in terms of their commitment and what career path they […]

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Spanish Teacher

Spanish Teacher   £31k-£43k  SK524  Spanish Teacher- Coventry   THE COMPANY;  A school that aims to encourage children to learn as much as possible with different styles of learning to make it fun and exciting and also to find their strengths on how they prefer to learn based on their way of being taught. A happy and safe learning environment for children to […]

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Nursery Assistant

Nursery Assistant  £15k-£19k  SK524  Nursery Assistant-Birmingham   THE COMPANY;  A nursery that strongly believes that right from birth, children start learning in different ways at different speeds as every child is an individual. Providing the best foundation to make the utmost of their abilities as they grow up so that they have the best possible start in life to fulfil the children’s full potential […]

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KS3/4 Science Teacher

KS3/4 Science Teacher  £25k-£35k  SK779 KS3/4 Science Teacher- Milton Keynes  THE COMPANY;  A small, friendly community school where a school believes the pupils are the centre of everything the school does and provide. This school serves a multi-ethnic community and aims to celebrate the rich diversity of culture, religion and language that this brings to the school. The school’s overall aim is to be […]

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Penetration Tester

Penetration Tester Lemington Spa £40-£42K Pro Rata JW412 Penetration Tester THE COMPANY: One of the most instantly recognisable banking firms in Britain today, this company deals with banking enquiries big and small, from individuals to large corporations. With the belief that everyone from employees and stakeholders contribute something unique to the way they operate, they […]

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Test Analyst

Test Analyst Birmingham £28K-£30K Pro Rata JW215 Test Analyst THE COMPANY: This company is an instantly recognisable large multinational public transport group operating in various locations across the UK. With their constant efforts to improve their services through adapting new technologies, they have been able to rapidly expand in recent years and are seeking a […]

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Software Developer

Software Developer Redditch £35K Pro Rata JW607 Software Developer THE COMPANY: With a decade of experience behind them this company have made it their mission to solve common business issues and improve efficiency. From easy auditing to document management, their commitment to their goal has seen them go from strength to strength through out the […]

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Smart Transition Project Manager

Smart Transition Project Manager Northampton £50k Pro Rata JW213 Smart Transition Project Manager   THE COMPANY: After nearly 2 decades and providing over 368,000 premises with 100% renewable electricity as standard, this company is a market lead intaking steps towards a brighter, greener future. As they take further strides in this field, they are looking […]

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