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Written by the team at Synergy Personnel Services

In August 2021, we sat down as a team, and wrote down values that were important to us. Values that we felt we worked to, and values that made us come into work every day, that we live by. The list was long, it was very long, but after a lot of effort, we narrowed it down to the seven pictured below. We now use the values for everything we do – People we recruit within the company, clients we work with and candidates we place. We want to make sure that all of our contacts share the same values as us, so much so that we had the below piece of art made for the office, for us to see everyday. 

2 Down: HONEST – There is one big difference between Recruitment Consultants and Estate Agents – That being that we won’t get our nan a job just for a fee, whereas an estate agent will definitely sell her house!! Everything we do, we do with 100% honesty. We cannot be anything other. If you have had bad interview feedback (candidate or client) we will tell you – it is the only way we can help.

4 Across: LOYAL -If there’s one thing that differentiates a customer from a client and us from other recruitment agencies, it’s loyalty. We believe loyalty is one of the most important values any business can have. We never forget anyone we work with, be they looking to find a new role or fill one, and their unique recruitment needs. Be it 2 weeks, 2 months, or 2 decades down the line, we are committed to ensuring you are consistently supplied with only the very best candidates or jobs, perfectly matched to suit your every need.

6 Down: TRUST – Trust is a big one for us. Whether you are a candidate or client reading this, you need to know that you can trust us explicitly. Without You, we would have no business. Linked with Honesty, trust is paramount in our business. We want you to work with us long past one single placement. We want you to come back to us again and again, and so you need to trust us that we have your best interests when it comes to recruitment. We may not always send you every CV or send your CV to every client that is recruiting, but there will always be a reason, and if you are unsure why, just call and ask us. We will tell you.

5 Across: EASY – Our job is to make your life easy. Working with a recruitment company should be just that. Our process from start to finish takes all of the stress away from You. It is how and why we exist.

1 Across: PERSONALITY – Just come into our office and see what this word means to us. We have a good time at work. We are here longer than we are conscious at home and so we need to make sure that our personality is felt everyday in the office. Personality perhaps underpins all of the other values described here. Come in and see what we mean.

3 Down: PASSION – We truly all love coming to work and helping people either fill a vacancy within their business or find a new role. A new job is a huge milestone for someone and there are a lot of emotions that go into it. We really care about everyone we deal with and are passionate about providing the best service and making the process as stress free as possible.

7 Across: COMMITTED – After you’ve put the phone down to one of the team you can have complete confidence that we will be completely committed to helping you. This might mean we take a whole day working solely on your vacancy if you are a client or working to match your details to some amazing companies if you are a candidate. We will make sure no stone is left unturned and will always go the extra mile. If that means taking you to work on your first day before you get your company car; we will do it!