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Written by Gavin Dilkes, the Founder of Synergy


I started Synergy Personnel in 2011, having just returned from a year of working in Sydney, Australia (Why did I return I hear you ask!!) – Basically, my wife and I missed our family.

I had become slightly disillusioned with the recruitment industry, and having worked for some big International companies, as well as some smaller more regional ones, I thought I would do things better – I am a cocky so and so!
And so I decided to set up from my front room with a laptop that was about 150 years old, a mobile phone where the battery was dead after 5 hours and a pad of paper.

In my previous jobs, we had targets for everything (if we wanted to get our bonus/commission): Number of cold calls made per day, candidates we needed to register, clients we needed to visit, interviews we needed to arrange, vacancies we needed to fill and money we needed to bill – And it was some of these targets that I often felt we a waste of peoples time. If I was sat there on a Thursday with having only registered 7 candidates, I would just book people in for the sake of it. Or if I had only done 2 visits and needed to hit 3, I would go and see a client essentially just to get a score on the board.

So I decided to do something different.

I set up with no targets other than a fee target, and this is something that has stuck with the business.

Fast forward to the present day and we have placed over 300 candidates into permanent positions, have 3 well-established divisions within the business and continue to grow month on month. We have a great culture, a city centre office and what I consider to be the best recruiters in their specialisms working here! As I sit here and write this, I couldn’t be happier with what the business has achieved so far.

The future looks good for us. We are trading with some of the most prestigious companies within our respective divisions, and get some great feedback from candidates and clients (see our Testimonials page) Our next goal is to grow to a team of 10, where each division has a dedicated Temporary and Permanent Consultant working alongside each other, an Office Manager (not Lottie Dog) to keep us all in line (mainly me to be honest) and a candidate/ client base who will happily refer their friends, family and contact to us.

Watch this space…….