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March 6th, 2015

If you find yourself looking for a new role, and you decide to register with some recruitment companies there are a few things that you should consider.

Firstly, you only should look at registering with a maximum of 3 companies. If you register with more than this, the chances are, your CV will be banded around all of the companies in your area. Your CV could land in the inbox of the same company 2 or 3 times. ‘Great, atleast people are getting it’ …. you may think. But, think of how this looks to the client. Your CV, on their desk 3 times in the same week – Makes you look a little desperate I think. And that is the feedback that I get from clients all of the time.

By limiting who you register with, you can be sure to still be represented properly, and stand more chance of getting interviews.

You should research the agency before registering with them. Speak to a relevant consultant and find out what kind of roles that have available, and the kind of companies that they deal with. Specialist agencies are always the best. They are the ones who deal with a specific market sector. The consultants tend to have a better knowledge of their market, and also have much better relationships with their clients. There is also less danger of your CV literally being ‘eshotted’ out and seeing who comes back to them.

Secondly, you should always be honest with the consultants who you are dealing with. It is always good to tell them who you have registered with and who they are talking to on your behalf. There is nothing worse and again, makes you look bad, than 2 consultants sending your CV to the same client within a matter of days. By rights, if the client wants to interview you, they have to go through the consultant who sent your CV to them first. However, if a client receives your CV more than once, they may decide that it isn’t worth having the conversation with the second consultant about already receiving your CV, and therefore may decide it is easier to not meet you atall. By being honest and upfront, at least none of your efforts are duplicated.

Also, by being upfront, you actually get a better representation within the market because each consultant will work with different clients, and so you get more interviews and more exposure to the right company. You therefore will have more choice of who you would like to go and see.