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Synergy Saver

Can you afford to miss out?


Synergy Saver offers a wide range of services covering:

  • Retail Discounts
  • Sickness Insurance Policy
  • Employee Rewards and Recognition
  • Communications and Branding including Membership Cards

Synergy Personnel Services aim to put you our candidates first, therefore we would like to look after you! We have put together this total solution benefits package that allows you REAL discounts from over 1200 high street brands.

Alongside this we are proud to announce our new SICKNESS POLICY, in years gone by temporary workers have not been able to receive “real benefits” for long-term sickness…

This is about to change, please continue to read on to find out more…

Retail Discounts

Synergy Saver offers Store cards, Gift Cards, e-Vouchers as well as Cash Back and exclusive deals. Typical deals 3% off John Lewis and Waitrose, 5% off Tesco, 5% off Sainsbury’s and 6% off Marks and Spencer, Boots and Argos.

Sickness Policy – Can you afford to work without being insured?

  • Real Policy designed to protect you our workers
  • Provides monthly income cover – Subject to T’s and C’s
  • Cost-free when signing up to Synergy Saver
  • Policy can be cancelled at any time
  • Optional setup packages, £2,000, £1500, £1000 or £500 Per Month

Employee/Customer Rewards and Recognition

  • Spot rewards – vouchers digital and physical, emails and printed formats
  • Dine Club and Taste Card
  • Branded pre-paid digital Mastercard

Special Offers – Examples

  • Discounted EE phone plans 25% off pay monthly and up to 50% SIM only
  • Discounted Cinema tickets – typical 40% savings Vue, Odeon and Showcase
  • Theatre discounts
  • Hotel and experiences discounts

For the small sum of £4.00 p/w can you afford to miss out? Join Synergy Saver today and receive “REAL” benefits that you deserve! Get in touch HERE.