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Our Recent survey results followed by comments made by our clients and candidates.


We regularly send out Satisfaction Surveys to our clients and candidates. These results are updated quarterly and presently show the following:


  • 100% found the recruitment process ‘Easy’
  • 100% of people found their consultant to be ‘Professional’
  • 100% found our level of service ‘Better’ than our competitors
  • 100% found their consultant ‘Very Responsive’ to their requirements
  • 100% found that their consultant understood their requirements ‘Extremely well’
  • 100% said that they are ‘Very likely’ to recommend us to their colleagues


  • 100% found the recruitment process ‘Very Easy’
  • 100% found their consultant ‘Very Professional’
  • 70% found our level of service ‘Much better’ than a competitor
  • 100% Very ‘Extremely satisfied’
  • 100% would recommend us to other departments within their company

I was contacted by Gavin in February as I was leaving a fixed term contract. Gavin secured me an interview by the end of my final week at my employer. Gavin was happy to coordinate his job search with my own, and would contact me prior to sending my details to a company, as well as informing me of the companies that he had contacted, to ensure that my own search was efficient. When I began interviewing at other companies, Gavin was happy to advise on my best course of action, even though he hadn’t personally secured my interviews, was supportive, and happy to advise on any issues I had with my interviews. I would be happy to work with Gavin again for a new role.

6th June I was told by my boss that he was making changes to the company and he was closing down the mechanical side which meant I was being made redundant. This news came 2 days before my holiday to Disney with the family which was not what I wanted. I returned from my holiday on the 17th to find out I was finishing on the 21st giving me no time to come to terms with the circumstances neither did it give me time to sort a new job out as I was grafting right up to the last day. It’s funny how something like this happens and you find out some people’s true colours.

Luckily I know someone called Gavin who owns a recruitment company called Synergy. He managed to sort me an interview with a company he thought would suit my credentials on my last day of work. The following Monday I was offered the job and was offered more than I asked for.
I have now been in the job a couple of weeks, it is a step up, a new challenge and it can offer me the kind of knowledge that I need to progress.

This is probably the push that I needed to progress.

I just want to thank Gavin at Synergy for sorting me a great opportunity, if anyone is wanting a good recruitment agency then I can’t speak highly enough of these

Tom has been able to quickly understand our company culture and identify the right kind of candidates to suit, making the change of handling of our account a seamless transition. Tom has excellent communication and organisational skills and I am very satisfied with the calibre of candidate that Tom puts in front of us. Personally, Tom and Synergy are easily my preferred Recruitment solution. Highly recommended.

We all know what a lot of recruiters can be like…. thankfully Gavin and Synergy Personnel buck the trend of the majority and deliver quality over quantity, whilst supporting their candidate every step of the way. Gavin really knows his Clients and therefore can ensure the candidate is a good fit for not just the role, but the company as well. Post-interview the feedback, negotiation process and referencing were all handled swiftly and effectively. I’m happy to have secured a role with Gavin and would definitely work with him again for my own resourcing needs in the MEP Services industry.

Gavin treats the job seeker as a person, other agencies treat you as a potential commission and nothing more. They are not interested in you or have time for you which leave a bad taste in the job seekers mouth, and they will never use you again or recommend your company. Gavin was friendly and polite with humour thrown in.

I had the pleasure in dealing with Gavin and found him to be very knowledgeable and helpful both during the recruitment process and post-placement. During post-placement I leant on Gavin for his professional advice on a very serious and complicated matter. Not only was his advice extremely useful but I believe it was key in rescuing the problem I faced. Gavin is more than just a recruiter.

Two things come to mind about Gavin that are hard to miss; he never stops working and he shows great honesty, integrity, and transparency in his behaviour. Combined with his high experience level these talents make him great at finding the right work environment if you are looking for a fresh start. As soon as he understands what makes you tick, he will get you job interviews with potential employers in an unbelievably brief period. During the whole interviewing and hiring process Gavin will be there for whatever moral or practical support you may need. If I was to consider a new role, Gavin would be the first person to call.

Great service provided by Gavin during my transition between companies, remaining in contact throughout the process and ensuring that all my questions were addressed and answered. Gavin was always prepared to go the extra mile and was contactable throughout and not just a 9-5pm recruiter.

Gavin is one of the best recruitment specialist I have ever spoken to. Very easy going person with positive attitude. He helped me to find exactly what I was looking for with a lot of patience. His advice given to me where always 100% accurate . Thanks for achieving my goal. You really understand people’s personalities.

Gavin is a very friendly and helpful person. He kept me updated on a regular basis with regards to job offers and how they were progressing. I would highly recommend Gavin if you’re seeking a job.

We use Gavin consistently in our recruitment due to his knowledge of our industry and his understanding of our requirements. Gavin provides a great service starting with understanding our requirements and ending with profession and organised correspondence. We also enjoy Gavin’s sound ethics which is fundamental to our relationship

Gavin Dilkes at Synergy Personnel Services recently assisted in placing me at a new company. Very focused, great knowledge base of the local industry, lots of contacts, professional throughout and most importantly continuous contact and communication throughout the process. Highly recommended!

After a prolonged search for the right team-member, I sought out Gavin to help me find the right man for the job. He did not disappoint. I am already using him again to fill another two vacancies and would happily recommend him.